PS4 Updates – Share Button, HDCP Taken Off, And Twitch Streaming Update


Sony has announced today that a few highly user requested changes will be implemented in the next software update within the next few weeks. The changes being implemented are the HDCP restrictions being taken off to allow for video capture via HDMI, a new video editor for use with the SHARE button, and an update to the Twitch streaming.

The HDCP restriction was promised to be taken off after the console launched and Sony is making good on that promise; now you can use your capture device to record and upload your gameplays to YouTube or even live stream it to Twitch or Ustream. Previously, some people had found a way around the HDCP restriction but those workarounds will no longer be necessary.

The new video editor will allow for users to edit the videos they wish to share with a personal touch. There will be a rich video editor with a simple tool that will allow for editing videos. Not only that, but users will now be able to export video clips and screenshots via the SHARE button to a USB drive.

Finally, the update to Twitch streaming allows for broadcasting at 720p, as well as archiving past broadcasts. A big issue with the Twitch streaming was the lack of archiving broadcasts, but that’s all done away with now. Also, streaming in clearer quality was another big request as many people had stated that console streaming would result in the stream becoming blocky every now and then.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)