PS4 And Xbox One Startup Comparison Video


The good people over at Arstechnica have created a side-by-side-by-side (yes, three comparisons) video of the PS4 start up, and the Xbox One start up on both full boot up from a complete shutdown and from standby mode. You can read a few details on the Xbox One’s cold boot up here and you can clearly see in the video below that the Xbox One takes quite a while to boot up from the complete shutdown but, from standby mode, it is extremely fast. The PS4 takes a bit of time for it to show up on screen but, once it does, it boots up pretty quickly. View the video here to see how it all works out. If you can’t, continue on for the results.

The PS4 takes 29 seconds to boot up from when you press the power button. However, they were using the facial recognition login, which has the player select their profile then the camera attempts to recognize their face, so that might attribute to a few seconds. If users use the automatic login, it goes a few seconds quicker. From standby mode, the Xbox One takes a mere 19 seconds to start up. From a complete shutdown, the Xbox One takes a lengthy 59 seconds. Considering this differs from the Eurogamer report of it taking one minute and eight seconds to boot up, maybe the amount of time differs between consoles. Either way, the Xbox One takes a lot longer to boot up than the PS4, unless the console is in standby mode.