PS4 And Xbox One UK Sales Figures Reported: PS4 Ahead Of The Pack


In the UK alone, the PS4 sold 530,000 units in just 5 weeks. The Xbox One sold 364,000 units in the same amount of time. The PS4 generated £181.8 million (approximately $298.8 million USD) and the Xbox One generated  £144.5 million (approximately $237.5 million USD) – generating £326 million (approximately $535.91 million USD). The difference between the sales is 166,000 units.

With the launch of the consoles being so late in the year, they flew off the shelves at a rapid pace, partially due to the holiday rush. There have been multiple restocks between Best Buy and Amazon (more for Xbox One than PS4), and those have sold out as quickly as they were made public knowledge. Considering the Xbox 360 dominated the last generation, it seems to be a whole new ball game this generation. Let’s see if the PS4 can maintain the lead its gathered thus far.

(Source: MCVUK)