No PS4s Sold In Brazil: Retailers “Hiding” The System In-Store


With the news that the PS4 would be the most expensive in Brazil at an outstanding $1,850, the country has so literally no units since the console’s launch. According to Sony, the high tax rate and import fees are the reason for the extremely high cost of the console.

Brazil held no midnight launches, there were no lines for the console at major retailers, there were no explicit advertisements for the console or its launch games. The worst of all is that anyone who wanted to buy the console would need to seek out a sales clerk considering the consoles were being hidden behind “boxes and other obstacles.”

On the competition’s side of the fence, there were public events and TV advertisements for Microsoft and Nintendo for people to purchase their consoles. Unless Sony can find a way to decrease the price, these low sales, or lack thereof, will continue to roll through and could potentially really hurt them financially.

(Source: PixelEnemy, G1)