PS Vita 2000 Display vs. Original PS Vita Display


For those who wonder how drastic the difference between the original Vita and the Vita 2000 will be, a user on Twitter has taken it upon himself to show the world the difference; and it is extremely noticeable.

Above is the Original Vita, the lower is the Vita 2000

The original Vita, which sports an OLED screen, appears to have a deeper looking color difference. The LED screen on the Vita 2000 clearly lessens the detail of colors. That isn’t to say that the newer screen is terrible, but it is an obvious step down from the original OLED screen.

Top again being the original PS Vita, and the lower being the Vita 2000

The pitch to save money and get more sales for the PS Vita is clear; a lower price can definitely help to gain the handheld some momentum. But as someone who once owned a PS Vita, I would have to say that I am a little saddened to see the major hit between the two iterations.