Razer Announces Project Christine, a Modular Gaming PC


While the wonderful world of Razer is still out of my price-range, there’s no denying that the landmark peripheral company has changed the face of the gaming industry with excellently crafted hardware and more than a few spectacular announcements. The latest of which, a super-quiet, fully-customizable modular gaming computer.

Nicknamed Project Christine, this strange looking box of lights is actually a fully functioning modular PC, allowing for the brisk installing of new hardware components.  While it may not look like any PC that I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing, Project Christine will allow eager hardware fanatics to freely replace a new Graphics Card, Optical Drive, Hard Drive or even CPU by plugging a new water-cooled module into an available slot.

Although Razer is continuing to remain quiet on how much a Christine or any of it’s modules will set you back financially, the hardware powerhouse did take the time to mention that all of the modules plug into PCI-express ports and that the Christine will be SLI-ready.

So what do you think, Internet? Is the future of computing hidden within the glowing confines of Project Christine?