Ready at Dawn on Used Games


Ready at Dawn, the developers behind the PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886, have given their thoughts on the used games industry. The founder, Ru Weerasuriya said the following:

I think the problem is right now there are retail outlets that are really taking everybody for a ride”.

Noting that both consumers and developers are losing money because of these “retail outlets” like GameStop, Weerasuriya gave an alternate solution which would appease everyone (except the retailers).

“I don’t think we should stop used games, but we should do something about getting part of the revenue back from GameStop and places like that. That’s not penalizing consumers; they’ll still get what they want”.

As long as used games continue to exist and they don’t get overpriced, I’m sure most, if not all gamers would be happy with Weerasuriya’s idea.