Rockstar Warns Players To Avoid Garages In GTA V


A bug in Grand Theft Auto V has recently surfaced in which players who use the garages to store cars are mysteriously losing those cars. A posting on Rockstar’s support forum shows that players who upgrade their cars and then store them in the game’s garages come back to the car mysteriously disappearing. In response, Rockstar support staff had this to say:

We have received some reports about problems with cars and garages, particularly after upgrading and then completing a mission, and are looking into this now.  Unfortunately, we do not currently have a workaround to recover a car if it is missing.

Upon further investigation, the support team had found that the problem is more prevalent when a character drives their default vehicle after upgrading another vehicle. They recommend that you “try to avoid parking a car in a garage, driving one already in a garage, or getting in a default vehicle, when playing as a character other than the one with your upgrades.”

One fix has been found as of yesterday, September 23, where Rockstar has released these tips to possibly work around this issue although no permanent fix has been found yet:

  1. Sign up for Social Club and store your cars in the Social Club garage, while doing missions.
  2. If you lose a vehicle during a mission, try checking the mission start point, the character’s safehouse, or the mission endpoint.  Also check the impound.
  3. Recover vehicles from the impound every time there is a vehicle there, if it is one you wish to keep, and take it to the character’s Social Club garage.  Cars in the impound can be overwritten with more recently driven cars if you do not retrieve them.
  4. If you start a mission with a custom car, failing that mission by destroying the car or dying while inside it can cause the car to disappear. Try to avoid destroying personal cars on missions, or store them in the Social Club garage while playing through the story.

If there is a permanent fix, users can sign up for email notification by logging in to the Support Site and clicking subscribe at the top of the page. For anyone afflicted by this issue, we hope these tips will help you in the future.