Rumor: PlayStation 4 Showing Milky Residue – EXPLAINED


UPDATE: Most likely it was the Vicks from the humidifier leaving the residue on the inside of the PlayStation 4. Nothing to see here folks. Let’s move along.

It seems that the Xbox One is not the only console that’s suffering through leaking fluids of the milky kind. It seems as if one user on NeoGAF shows the same issue on a PlayStation 4. As you can see from the pictures below, this particular PS4 also shows signs of milky white residue coming out from within.

Now the user has declared that they use a humidifier in the room, so that might very well be the cause of these deposits. They will be moving the PS4 into another room, sans humidifier, for a month to see if the same issue occurs.

“My console(PS4) has that white stuff on back in vents and I have yet to take to the cover off. I thought it was from running my humidifier with vicks vapor rub(which I run 8-10 hours at night time 7 days aweek) but now that I see that somebody else has it so Im not sure about that.
You may have to zoom in since I took a quick pic but up close it looks like dry liquid and thats why I assumed it was the humidifer.

The white stuff was also not there on the day that I received it from Amazon on launch day. Noticed it about a week ago but as I said above thought it was the Vicks Rub in the humdifier and just moved it to another room. I’v wiped it down now and will see what happens in another month or so. ” – TTSupra

Check out the pictures below:


Cover off.


“And me wiping it off which in fact comes over very easy and seems powder like. Has no smell also to it lol.”


(Source: NeoGAF)