Rumors: Microsoft Wants to Annualize Halo, Leaks Controlled Because of Low January Numbers


Famousmortimer (Pete Dodd) had a couple of comments about why the barrage of MS leaks occurred, and MS’ intention of annualizing the Halo franchise.

Pete thinks that the reason for the waterfall of leaks of upcoming Xbox One projects and plans is a damage control-response by Microsoft to distract people from noticing the lower sales numbers of the Xbox One in the first two weeks of January.

As far as annualizing the Halo series, Pete seems to have inside knowledge about the matter that Microsoft has always had this strategy in their plans, but he wasn’t sure how they would pull this off. Considering the recent information leak that Halo 2 Anniversary is coming out this year, annualizing the series could make sense with minor/remake titles coming out between big iteration releases (Halo 5 and onwards).