Select PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Games on Sale at Amazon



It’s been what seems like weeks since Cyber Monday, and the memories of Black Friday barely tickle the recesses of our mind, but you know what? Just like the honey badger; Amazon don’t care. They’re at it again with some clandestine PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game sales that just might get your attention. What’s that, Amazon? Didn’t think we’d notice? HA!

The following PlayStation 4 games are on sale for $48.99 for a limited time, so get those gift cards out and dust off your Amazon credit; it’s time to lock in these prices.

UPDATE: Some Xbox One games are also on sale:

Most PS4 Titles Below are $48.99 (US), Xbox One versions differ slightly:

KIllzone: Shadow Fall $48.99

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag (PS4)$48.99/Xbox One $52.49

Battlefield 4$48.99

Madden NFL 25$48.99/Xbox One $48.99

FIFA 14$48.99/Xbox One $48.98

Need for Speed: Rivals (Xbox One) $48.98

Lego Marvel Superheroes (PS4) $49.99