Shigeru Miyamoto Poses Question to Kotaku, Internet


In a recent interview with Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo, Shigeru Miyamoto asked Totilo to pose an important question to readers.

“Maybe you can do a poll for Kotaku readers to see which game you want us to make for Wii U, and, if you get a good answer, you can give us a call.”

Knowing Miyamoto, I think he’s completely serious and this is a great opportunity to have our voices be heard. Personally, I love my Wii U and I want to seem some great games be made. Maybe this will get us on the fast track to a new Fire Emblem or Metroid? Regardless, I think the Wii U has a very bright future.

Check out the full article here on Kotaku and have your voice be heard.

Source: Kotaku