SimCity Offline Mode Is Happening


For all you SimCity fans, you’ll be pleased to hear that an offline mode (appropriately called “Single Player Mode”) is finally coming to fruition. In the past, it was stated that an offline mode wouldn’t be possible due to a slew of calculations which are handled by EA’s servers. Perhaps they were working hard to find a way to please the fans to get an offline mode started all along, and said that so as not to get anyone’s hopes too high. In any case, the offline mode will be available as a free download with Update 10 for all SimCity players.

Any previously acquired downloadable content will be available at the ready without the need for an internet connection. The single player mode is currently in its testing phases to ensure that it is flawless when it is unleashed upon the masses. A big positive for this offline mode means that people who mod the game can make the modifications they wish without any direct effects to the game. They are encouraging these modifications (so long as they’re within their guidelines for modifications) – so much so that they are promoting Oppie85’s Central Train Station, a modification that can be put into the game now. They also plan on putting out tutorials so that players can express their creativity and make mods of their own.

(Source: SimCity Blog)