SKARA Gets the Greenlight on Steam


SKARA, The Blade Remains has joined the list of games available through Steam Greenlight this week.

SKARA managed to gather the support necessary from Steam’s community in only eight short days.

CEO and Creative Director Pablo Rodriguez expressed his surprise at how quickly the game was able to garner the votes required to be approved, saying that

“We couldn’t believe SKARA had over 240 votes in only two hours!”

Rodriguez also expressed the studio’s appreciation for the groundswell of people who voted, saying “The votes of support were really the best reward after so much work.”

The studio claims that SKARA will be spearheading a new genre: MOV – Multiplayer Online Versus with up to 16 players entering an arena to engage in real-time combat fighting seen in versus games.

Cesar Ortega, CFO of SKARA, believes that given the game’s online nature Steam is a suitable platform for the title, saying that

“Steam, in many ways the pioneer of online multiplayer gaming, is the ideal platform to launch SKARA. We are really glad and thankful to have a place there now going forward.”