Skullgirls Encore Releasing Tomorrow February 11, First of 5 DLC Characters Releasing


Skullgirls went through an issue where they needed to switch publishers which resulted in the game being pulled from the PlayStation Store completely. However, that’s all over tomorrow when Skullgirls Encore releases. Those who purchased Skullgirls will receive Encore and the DLC Character Color bundle for free.

The game’s re-release comes with a slew of updates including the following:

  • Literally hundreds of gameplay and balance tweaks
  • Faster gameplay
  • The new “Drama” meter keeps combos from getting too long without compromising creativity
  • Hugely expanded training mode, and still some of the best tutorials in the fighting game genre
  • Improved online play
  • Gorgeous new stages, with new music from the amazing Michiru Yamane
  • Five free DLC characters coming in 2014 (free for a limited time)

Alongside the release of the game and the Character Color bundle DLC, the first of the five DLC characters will be releasing – a female fighter named Squigly. She is an undead opera singer and takes control of a Leviathan. She’s one of those characters that takes a lot of practice to get used to so when the game drops, be sure to get your thumbs at the ready in training mode if you want to master this character. You can view her trailer below and to get more information on the game, as well as how to upgrade to the Encore edition, head over to the PlayStation Blog.