Solution For Watch Dogs Pre-Ordered Bundles



In a report on Forbes, it was confirmed that those who pre-ordered the Watch Dogs bundles of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will get their console on launch day, but without the game at launch day. Amazon released a statement regarding the issue via their Facebook page:

 For those of you who pre-order the Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 bundle—don’t worry—you will still be getting your Playstation 4 (without Watch Dogs) based on your current delivery estimate. We are adjusting the orders now and will update you once we know more.

So those who pre-ordered their console are guaranteed their console even though it won’t come with the game they wanted. It’s better than losing the console and the game all in one shot. Amazon isn’t the only one trying to console frustrated gamers; GameStop also issued a statement regarding the issue to Kotaku:

With the news that Ubisoft has delayed the release of the highly-anticipated title Watch Dogs until next year, GameStop is contacting customers who had reserved PlayStation 4 and Xbox One bundles featuring the game. Customers can elect to keep their current bundle orders and their consoles will ship as scheduled with the game shipping separately once it is available or customers can choose another bundle to replace their current order. Customers should also note that there may be a difference in the price if selecting another bundle and that all reserved orders will be charged upon shipment.

It’s a nice treat that GameStop is willing to give customers a range of options. For those who want to keep their money on Watch Dogs and simply wait until release can do so, and those who want to shift their funds around to get a different game can do that as well. It is always good to present people with options to hold on to their business.