Sony Shows Gratitude To Disabled Players


A mistake on Sony’s part leads to gratitude and a consolation prize to a few disabled players. In an article on Gameranx, a Reddit user known by the name of RandomHypnotica had posted on Facebook regarding an issue at the EB Games Expo when attempting to try out the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the consoles were upstairs and there was no handicap access. When he/she asked to try out the system, one of the workers told them that there was an issue, but they’d get someone to explain to them what was going on and they would be happy with the outcome.

After a few short minutes, a Sony Australia representative arrived and stated the following:

First of all, I’d like to say that Sony deeply apologizes as we have made a massive oversight in regards to supporting our disabled player base and we have placed all the PlayStation 4’s upstairs and with no way to get you up there. Again we are extremely sorry, it really should never have happened but because it is totally our fault and we always support our disabled player base, we would like to offer something in return along with our sincerest apology. Please could you leave your name and contact details with us and we will give you a PlayStation 4 on release day.

These individuals will receive a PlayStation 4 console on launch day, free of charge. Sony has made these  disabled players’ day with this consolation prize. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said when they attempted to try out the Xbox One. When they arrived at the Microsoft booth and asked to test out the console, which were also held upstairs, they were simply told, “Sorry, it’s upstairs, you can’t try it” and were sent away with nothing more. A screenshot of the player’s post can be found below.