Sony Still Making Profits


Sony has released it’s quarterly financial report. The first quarter, running from April 1st until June 30th, shows that Sony is still generating profits.

Sony’s sales world wide brought in $17.3 billion for the company. This is a 13% increase compared to the same quarter last year. Although most of this profit came from “favourable foreign exchange rates”, Sony still made a $35 million profit after tax deductions. If the exchange rates remained consistent throughout the year, Sony would see their sales down by 3%.

The PlayStation division brought in $1.19 billion in sales. However, due to research and development for the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation’s Operating division saw a loss. Later in the year, when the PlayStation 4 releases, Sony will hope to gain what they lost and turn a big profit from what they have invested.

Combined, the PlayStation 2 and 3 sold 1.1 million units in this quarter. This is a low number compared to the 2.8 million sold last year, but with the PlayStation 4 coming, it was expected that sales for the PlayStation 2 and 3 would decrease. In the last fiscal year, Sony sold 16.5 million units of the two consoles and expect to sell 10 million this year, even with the PlayStation 4 releasing in November.

Together, the PSP and PS Vita sold 600,000 units this quarter. Down from the 1.4 million it sold last year. By the end of the fiscal year, Sony are expecting to sell 5 million units.

The hardware might not be selling as well as they had expected, but Sony’s software is seeing fantastic success. 64 million combined retail software units were sold in this quarter, which is an incredible 21 million increase compared to last year.