Sony Tugs At The Heart Strings With This Nostalgic PlayStation Video


A video has released today that will take all Sony fans on a trip down memory lane. The video shows the progression of gaming with PlayStation by showing a group of friends all playing PlayStation through the years. The camera pans in slow circles around a young man named Daniel’s bedroom and shows the progression of time throughout the years with the console. It starts off with multiple different sound clips from different PSX games ranging from Crash Bandicoot to Metal Gear Solid to Tekken.

As the camera continues to slowly pan around the room, you see the years change in a series of time-lapses outside Daniel’s window ranging from new year’s fireworks to days coming and going, to buildings being constructed. Each time the camera makes a full 360 back to the television, we see the next console in the PlayStation series up until it ends with the PlayStation 4 to show off Killzone: Shadow Fall, Watch Dogs, DriveClub, and Infamous: Second Son. Then, to finish off the video, they replay all of the PlayStation boot up screen logos and sounds before ending on the upcoming PlayStation 4 logo and adding right beneath it “This is for the players.” View this touching homage for yourself in the video below.