Sony Unveils Some Juicy Details


Sony has revealed at a Question and Answers video that a PlayStation Plus subscription is not required to use the PlayStation 4’s party chat. This means regardless or if you have a subscription or not, you’ll be able to use the party chat feature.

The PlayStation Plus subscription is needed to play most titles’ multiplayer components. However, apps and services such as Netflix, free-to-play games and now, the party chat will be available to everyone.

On the Xbox 360, only Xbox Live Gold members could use the party chat feature. For Netflix, a Gold membership was also required. For the Xbox One, no details have been given as of yet about whether users will need Gold to make use of the party chat, or if it will be free to everyone.

In the Question and Answers video, Sony also answered other questions. We learned that the PS4’s friend list capacity is now 2,000  people (twice that of the Xbox One’s friends list, which will be 1,000 friends), the DualShock 3 from the PS3 wont’ work on the PS4 although the PlayStation Move will. Sony also confirmed that both your PSN avatar and your username will carry over  to the PlayStation 4.