SpawnFirst: The Future is Now!



SpawnFirst: The Future is Now!

You know how in teenage romance movies the plain, dorky girl ends up taking off her glasses and letting down her hair, just to reveal she’s been absolutely gorgeous all along?  Well, consider our hair down and glasses off.  Turns out, SpawnFirst has had beauty inside all along, and we’re all proud to finally unveil the new site!

We’ve added a ton of new features to the site like an in-depth rating system, view counters for every article, badges, awards, and way more you need to check out for yourself.  As with any site, we’re only as good as our audience; we couldn’t have gotten this far without our community, so we aim to give back as much as we possibly can.  Between our regular articles, reviews and exclusive giveaway contests, we are gamers wishing to provide to a gaming audience.  We can only go up from here, and we promise to be back with a vengeance.  SpawnFirst is built by a group of volunteers who have a passion for all things gaming, so please show your support for our cause by liking on Facebook and following on Twitter.

We’re still expanding and growing, so we’re open to all suggestions and feedback.  Not to mention, anyone out there can write for SpawnFirst.  No experience is necessary; if you’re good, we’ll be ecstatic to have you on our team.  Everyone with us knows the massive potential that lies behind this website, so I’ll encourage you to jump on the bandwagon.

SpawnFirst.  Fully Immersed, baby.

As an unfortunate circumstance of upgrading our website, we lost all the views associated with our pre-migration articles. Yup, that means thousands upon thousands of views. While we are not happy about that situation, it is an acceptable consequence of having a newer, more awesome website. We hope all of you will join us as we work towards new horizons.