Star Wars: Battlefront Listed to Release on 2/25/2014 at Microsoft Store


Last year, we broke the news about Star Wars: Battlefront being available for pre-order at the Microsoft Store (still is) with a tentative “release date” of December 12, 2013. Now with that obvious placeholder date out of the way, a new date of February 25, 2014 has been stamped for the game. Now does that mean that we’ll see the release on that day? Not a chance.


It’s just to early to release. Period. No gameplay videos have been shown since the initial teaser video. No official announcements have been made, or detailed developer commentary released. So you can still go ahead and pre-order the game if you want, but I hope you don’t expect the game to be at your doorstep a few days after the 25th of February this year. Now February 2015? That’s a lot more likely. ‘

And just why did I write this news piece? You can tell it’s a slow news day.