Starbound Patch Removes Character Wipes


Earlier this month we heard that Starbound, the intergalactic build-a-thon, would be receiving a patch that would eliminate one of the most annoying bugs imaginable — complete character wipes. Today however, we can finally let out a sigh of release, because Chucklefish have finally released the highly anticipated update.

While I’ve already lost hours upon hours of my time exploring what Starbound has to offer, the constant loss of character save files with each update has severely crippled my progress. However, with the promise of starting a character that won’t be lost to future updates, I can already sense that Starbound is going to absorb my time.

Along with these rather massive changes in this update, you can also expect to see a set of brand new weapons (like a landmine), a new savanna biome and a bunch more content!

Make it so.