State of Decay Developer Undead Labs Signs Multi-Year Exclusivity Agreement With Microsoft Studios


Undead Labs, the studio behind the ambitious, zombie-survival, open world Xbox Live and Steam title State of Decay, announced today on their blog that they have signed into a “multi-year, multi-title agreement” extending their relationship with Microsoft. The initial partnership proved to be quite successful when State of Decay was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace on June 5 of last year(then Steam a few months later), to generally good reviews. The game, a harrowing, and intense survival experience, has incited no small amount of praise for it’s quality despite it’s low price.

While the founder Jeff Strain wouldn’t go into much detail, there was mention of “big things” going on possibly referring to additional content planned for State of Decay, maybe a next-gen release, or perhaps their current project, codenamed Class4, a console MMO meant to be a follow-up to State of Decay that is looking to be an Xbox One exclusive. Given that this is a multi-title agreement, it’s safe to say that it won’t be the only one we’ll see from them in the near future.

(Source: Undead Labs website)