Surge Deluxe Passes FQA at Sony, Release Date Announcement Soon


Fans of the original Surge, rejoice! Surge Deluxe, announced back in October of last year, has just passed Sony’s FQA at SCEA and SCEE, and a release date announcement for the PS Vita version should be imminent.

Surge Deluxe fixes up just about every slight issue about the original game, and adds a boatload of new features like new chain-linker and combiner blocks, a new soundtrack, color-blind functionality, a new top-level scoring system, and much more.

From the announcement back in October:

“Surge Deluxe is FuturLab’s response to feedback received from top players on those leaderboards (and from the NeoGAF community). They demonstrated a deep understanding and appreciation for Surge that was way beyond anything we could have anticipated!”


Check out the trailer for Surge Deluxe below: