Switch Character Edition in Ultra Street Fighter IV


The (most likely) final update to the Street Fighter IV series, Ultra Street Fighter IV, is set to release this summer, and while we know of some new characters, stages and mechanics, fans have been in the dark about additional features being pushed into the new title.

One of the coolest new features, revealed at SoCal Regionals 2014, is the ability to select which edition of a character you want to use. In past versions of SFIV, certain characters had some super-busted techniques that swayed many matchups in their favor…while making the characters hilarious fun to play. Now, players can see how silly Sagat used to be, and how he stands up with the rebalanced versions of himself and the rest of the cast.

The feature was originally in Super Street Fighter II Turbo as a code that allowed access to the previous version of every character, before evolving to allowing all versions of SFII characters in Hyper Street Fighter II.

Balance might be tossed out when the edition selection is utilized, but it should make for some fun casual matches in the future. It’s yet to be known if tournaments will allow the feature; Street Fighter x Tekken had a character buffing mechanic in its gem system, that was quickly dropped by tournament players because of its unpredictability.

Check out the far-too-accurate trailer right here.

Source: Eventhubs