The Last of Us DLC Details Revealed


In a recent AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit, Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley, revealed some key details about the much anticipated upcoming The Last of Us DLC that is scheduled to drop sometime soon.

When pressed for more details from Redditors, the directors responded “there’s stuff in the pipe… to be talked about soon-ish”. They also mentioned that a lot more detailed information about the download content will be revealed this month.

The most information that was gathered during the AMA was that there will be 1 singleplayer DLC drop, and the other two will most probably attack the multiplayer side of The Last of Us. Which reminds me: if you haven’t tried The Last of Us multiplayer yet, then you are missing out on some amazing (and harrowing) multiplayer goodness.


Do the upcoming multiplayer DLCs include some sort of coop mode involving the infected? We can only hope…


During the AMA, Druckmann and Straley also gave out some details about how the ending of The Last of Us was a controversial matter at Naughty Dog. Several iterations were tried and tested, including a picture-perfect ending (which didn’t sit well with the rest of the game’s theme), but ultimately, the team arrived at the decision that the current ending was the most fitting. Druckmann stated “It (the “happy” ending) just wasn’t honest to the world or the characters we created. This (currrent) ending felt right for us.”

The endings that weren’t used (whether in storyboard or animated forms), will be shown during the upcoming PAX Prime in Seattle, WA from August 30th to September 2nd.

Like the ending or not, at least more developer chatter about the forthcoming DLC is sweet news for the fungally-inclined fans of The Last of Us. Spawn back for more detailed information later on this month about the upcoming content.