The Official GTA V Trailer is Here


Rockstar has published the (potentially) final trailer for Grand Theft Auto V before its release. This beautifully directed trailer shows off more narrative aspects of the game, In lieu of the incredibly respectful (and respectable) gameplay system trailers. As is typical with the series, the game retains the spirit of a dark comedy and crime drama.

The game’s soundtrack was officially detailed, right on the tail of Sony’s massive content leak. In an interview with Rolling Stone, soundtrack supervisor Ivan Pavlovich reveals that the game features “15 radio stations, two talk radio stations, 240 licensed songs, and around 20 movies worth of score.” That’s a baffling amount of music, and considering the size of the game, it’s astounding that this will all fit on current-gen hardware.

With gameplay systems focused on fun, and a return to (what we think) is one of the greatest cities on offer in a GTA game, we’re incredibly excited to see where Rockstar North is going to take us in Grand theft Auto V.

The game releases September 17th worldwide on PS3 and Xbox 360.