The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer Shambles In


Fans of The Walking Dead, Unite!

Telltale Games has finally released a few precious details (along with a swanky new trailer) about the second season of the utterly brilliant Walking Dead series. As suggested by the trailer, emotionally intact players will now be in control of the fan favourite character Clementine as she desperately tries to escape the zombie horde and survive in a world gone to sh*t.

Slated to release sometime later this year, The Walking Dead Season Two will be compiled of five downloadable episodes that can either be purchased episodically or purchased completely for $22.49. Along with this a “Game of the Year” edition of Season One will be sold later this year and will include the excellent 400 Days DLC story-arc that may (or may not) hold some clues into what Season 2 will entail.