Three New Deep Down Screenshots Available, Shows Off Two Enemies


Three new screenshots for the PlayStation exclusive game Deep Down have surfaced today. The game is considered by many gamers to be a spiritual successor to Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom’s other Skyrim style RPG. These three new screenshots introduce two enemies, and shows a portal, presumably used for travelling.


The “Jackie” enemy

The enemy depicted above is known as the “Jackie” enemy. This is a devious enemy disguised as a treasure chest. When the play gets close enough, the enemy reveals its true nature, stretching its arms and legs as well as displaying its extremely damaging shark-like teeth. No matter how powerful your armor is, you’re bound to take damage so be wary of what chests you open. Good luck on your curious, item seeking endeavors.


The “Pooriiz” enemy

The second enemy revealed via the screens is the “Pooriiz” enemy.They’re as dangerous as they look disturbing. They mostly stick to the ceilings of dungeons that you’re exploring. One on one, they aren’t too difficult, but the difficulty of the enemy becomes apparent when they attack in groups so it’s wise to try to pick them off one by one. When they ambush you in large numbers, watch out!


The Portal

Not much to say here – it’s a portal used for travel, presumably. Perhaps it’s a fast travel system to get from point A to point B quicker than travelling by normal means. Or maybe it’s the way to exit a dungeon after all objectives have been completed (similar to how a portal opens after defeating a boss in The Legend of Zelda series). Whatever purpose it serves, we know there are portals in the game.

(Source: Dualshockers)