Titanfall (PC) Install Size Is 48GB, Xbox One Version 40GB



Those of you who are looking into a digital download for Titanfall on the PC are in for a 48GB install. The game is a 21GB download, which then expands to 48GB when installed. The Xbox One version of the game is a 20GB install and a 20GB download (resulting in 40GB altogether) on the console, with no word yet on the Xbox 360 version’s download/install size.

The game is releasing in a little over a week on March 11 (March 14 for our UK gamers) on the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. There are a few options to getting the Titanfall bundle of the Xbox One console; you can pre-order one from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, or Target (for the latter three, try calling into your local store to see if you can walk-in and pre-order it there as opposed to waiting on shipping) and prepare to jump into titans and pick off the competition next week.