Titanfall’s 48GB Installation for PC Explained


As many of you are well aware, Titanfall has landed on your PCs with a massive 48GB (almost going on 49GB) install. While some games are already going on, there are bound to be reserve Pilots still waiting for the download to finish, shedding tears of anger at the length of time left before being able to join in.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Respawn Entertainment stated that the installation comprises of 35GB of audio. That is not something you see in every game; even RPGs, with all their audio, do not take up nearly that much space. The Xbox One’s download will approximately be 17GB due to pre-installed audio decoding.

The lead engineer of Respawn explained to Eurogamer that the uncompressed audio would enable the game to run smoother on slower systems. This, coupled with the very light minimum system requirements, makes the game large, yes, but enjoyable for even those running slightly outdated PC’s.