Titanfall’s Minimum PC Requirements are Pretty Great


The co-founder of Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella, has taken the time to share the minimum system requirements for Titanfall on PC and all in all they’re quite do-able, for a relativity low price.

To run Titanfall you’ll need to have amassed the following components:

  • 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1
  • AMD Athlon X2 2.8GHz or Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
  • 4GB RAM 512MB VRAM
  • Radeon HD 4770 or GeForce 8800GT

While there’s still no news on the recommended specifications, you can easily scrape together a minimum specification machine for under $350, so at least you’ll be able to run Titanfall.

If Windows-based PCs aren’t your thing though, Zampella later went on to say that a Mac OS X version isn’t completely out of the question. “talking about it,” said Zampella when asked about it on twitter, “would like to see it happen. Would have to be after launch.” So, hold out hope, Mac users. Respawn loves you too.

Titanfall is expected to land on Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC on March 11.