Transistor Arrives on PS4 and Xbox One on May 20


Science fiction action-RPG. It’s a much loved genre mix-up. Anything from the third person shooter Mass Effect series to the tactical turn-based RPG XCOM games. And it seems that Transistor is loosely following down the path of the latter, just not with alien invasions which the government is simultaneously trying to combat and to cover up. Oh, and to capture single aliens for experimentation.


Nope, in Transistor step into the role of Red, a singer destined for greatness. No, she doesn’t sing songs…it’s something to do with being a warrior. Anyway, Red comes into possession of the Transistor, which is a powerful and intelligent sword, perhaps containing a degree of sentience. Of course, no such weapon goes unnoticed by greedy eyes, and so something called The Process relentlessly pursues after Red and the Transistor. That’s all she wrote.


The game has a beautiful art style as a bonus, and by the sound of the protagonist and what she’s up against, in due time we may be in for an immersive tale.


Check out the reveal trailer of Transistor below.