True HD Version Of Resident Evil 4 Being Made By A Fan


With the release of Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD, one player (NeoGAF user crisdecuba) thought it wasn’t HD enough so he’s taking matters into his own hands. He is updating the textures by hand using Photoshop (with only a keyboard and mouse, mind you), but so far he’s only updated the graphics on Leon’s jacket – but that looks really good in itself. The comparison pictures show the difference between his version vs the original, as well as a HD texture mod patch vs the Ultimate HD version. You can view the comparison pictures below:


The following screenshots are a comparison of the original game vs his updates. Again, only the jacket was touched up:



The creator embarking on this journey stated that he doesn’t have a lot of time to do this, therefore his HD pack probably won’t be available any time soon – maybe in 1-2 years by his count. If he does happen to finish the game and make all the textures in the game HD, would you want to run through Resident Evil 4 again completely remastered?

(Source: NeoGAF)