Twitter War Featuring Marcus Beer



Marcus Beer has come under fire for a recent rumor that he set out in the wild about PS4s being plagued with overheating issues. The rumor has since been debunked by multiple devs stating that the console does indeed get hot when on (what electronic device doesn’t generate a little bit of heat when powered on, though?) but there have been no console crippling overheating issues. The tweets, both from his followers, and himself, have now become excessively profane and divisive, especially after the article  released today by DualShockers.





Angry gamers have taken to Twitter to discuss this rumor and its validity, or lack thereof, but the proceedings have escalated. Profanity being thrown about and some people even claiming that his “credibility” is questionable due to this. It seems to be a big misunderstanding but, when it comes to gaming journalism, one must tread carefully because one poorly worded phrase can erupt into a huge controversy – much like the one Marcus Beer has currently found himself in.



And Marcus’s video is not helping him either, as he throws some advice out there for Sony. Marcus’s followers are running with the assumption of this statement that “these systems are hard to get a hold of” as a plea for Sony to send him a free PS4. Sometimes you can’t win…

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think this whole thing is being blown out of proportion, or was Marcus Beer in the wrong for not being clear with the rumor? Throw in your 2 cents below.