Ubisoft’s New IP Outed


Ubisoft has big some big plans for next-gen consoles. Games like Watch Dogs, The Crew, and The Division make me want to build a time machine just so I can jump to November and start playing. I was even more pumped when Ubisoft started teasing a new IP that they were going to reveal at Gamescom next week.Well it appears that the cat is now out of the bag…kind of.

It was discovered by Fusible.com that Ubisoft registered the domain names Fighter-Within.com and FighterWithinGame.com on GoDaddy.com yesterday. While these domain names are technically hidden, if entered into you web browser, they will redirect you to a section of Ubisoft’s site whose only contents are “COMING SOON” in large bold letters. While this doesn’t give anything away about the game itself, it does allow us to speculate for the next week as we patiently await the Gamescom announcement.
Have any theories about the game (mine’s an MMA style Kinect game)? Leave them in the comment section below; the closest guess gets a shout out on next week’s SpawnCast!