Ultimate Mortal Kombat II In The Works


The fatalities will sound again amid the adrenaline-filled roars of competitive and casual arcade fighting lovers alike, because a completely re-balanced hack called Ultimate Mortal Kombat II is in production which will make its debut soon. Keep in mind that this is fan-made and not officially from Midway or Netherrealm Studios.

Mortal Kombat II went up at this past weekend’s Winter Brawl 8 in Philly to much hype and anticipation as the memories of two decades came flooding back. While scant details have been released, some rumored additions will include online play, improved character text and speech, and a refurbished menu.

Feast your eyes on the hype video from Winter Brawl 8 that went live below:

You can also watch some additional gameplay footage (including “90s Scrub Mode” which seems to be the computer replicating your moves, such as walking, jumping, sweeping, etc.) below:

And finally, a Johnny Cage combo video from Mortal Kombat II (arcade version) for your viewing pleasure: