Uncharted 4 Well Underway and Looking to be “Tremendous”


I know it. We all know it. Uncharted 4 is most likely going to have a jaw-dropping, stunning gameplay reveal at the Electronics Entertainment Expo this year. Uncharted 4, announced to be at E3 or not, will definitely be there in some form or fashion. But the wait to E3 is a long one, and we certainly live on any minor, meager updates by all those involved at Naughty Dog.

Amy Hennig, Creative Director and Writer at Naughty Dog, and Todd Stashwick, with an as of yet unknown acting role in Uncharted 4, have both given a couple of updates on the game.

Amy, when asked by Malik Forté about how Naughty Dog could possibly top the 10 awards given to Naughty Dog for their story-telling and survival horror tour-de-force, The Last of Us, at the AAIS, Amy had this to say:


Todd had this to say about the ongoing development (and no doubt, the voice-acting and motion capture that he’s involved in for Uncharted 4):


“Tremendous game”, eh Todd? Don’t worry, we know it will be, even though we haven’t seen the game. Why? Naughty Dog’s game development pedigree is undeniable. Suffice to say, the buildup to the gameplay reveal (hopefully) at E3, and the exhausting wait until the game comes out will drive us all mad. Still, some of the hunger is somewhat satiated when we hear these occasional blurbs from anyone involved with the development of Uncharted 4.