Unofficial Metal Gear Remake Happening, Approved by Konami


A group of developers, going by the moniker Outer Heaven, have been working hard on developing a remake of the original Metal Gear. Konami has given them their blessing to proceed, under the agreement that the project will remain not for profit.

The game is being developed as a mod for Alien Swarm, whether it will see a standalone release, through Steam Greenlight or other means, is unclear at this point. The top down perspective in Alien Swarm  would be a perfect fit for a Metal Gear  remake.



It seems that since Konami’s approval, Outer Heaven is going full speed ahead with the development of the game and is recruiting additional staff to help speed up the process. If you would like to help work on the game, you can find more details of what kind of talent Outer Heaven is looking for at the source.