Valve Most Anticipated Three-quel Poll Results


ValvePollThreequelRunning for about just over a month, the SpawnPoll for the most anticipated Valve “three-quel” games has yielded quite the interesting results. Half Life 3 leading the poll was a given, but the most interesting thing is that much-rumored Left 4 Dead 3 has come in as a very close second to the big H’n’L. Trailing by just 6 votes behind, Left 4 Dead 3 has us zombie-killing fans in an absolute frenzy, waiting for our next go at some special-zombies-a-comin’, samurai swords-a-swingin’, and confused zombie heads-a-flyin goodness.

What’s also surprising is the deep gap between Left 4 Dead 3 and Portal 3; I would’ve easily wagered a guess that Portal 3 would be at least a close third, if not second, to Half Life 3, but it didn’t even get close to the hundred votes mark on the poll.

Team Fortress 3’s 19 votes seem almost comically offensive, and almost neck and neck with Half Life 2: Episodes 3’s votes (the three-quel that honestly no one wants, because…well…everyone’s hearts are completely set on Half Life 3 coming out).

Again: Valve, take notice. Reap the beneficial insight that our SpawnPoll has so nicely provided to you, and make sure to bring out the below games according to the exact descending order shown in the poll (just make sure to incinerate Episode 3; no ones wants it. That 1 person in the world who does probably voted 17 times from 17 different computers to prove a point. THE NOIVE!!!).

Valve Three-quel Poll Results