Watch Dogs 10% Off at Target, Even More with Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus


Savvy videogame shoppers usually go to any length to find a good deal on an upcoming game, especially when it’s a new release. Considering that Watch Dogs will be upon us in a couple of days, we’ve take to the net to look for a decent deal for Ubisoft’s highly anticipated blockbuster.


An ongoing deal at Target is offering Watch Dogs for 10% for all 5 platforms (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC), if you use Target’s Cartwheel app. The best part about this deal is that if you use a Red Card, you might be able to stack up another 10% off as well (if you open a new account, otherwise the standard 5% off applies). Add in a years worth of Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus, and you can take an additional $25 off the total. No hacks required. Check out the deal on the app, on the website, and in-store.