World of Warcraft Loses Even More Subscriptions


It appears that Blizzard’s flagship series World of Warcraft is getting less and less popular by the day.

World of Warcraft used to be an immensely popular game, single-handedly controlling the MMORPG market and collecting millions upon millions of monthly subscriptions globally. Of course you don’t need me to tell you how big of an impact WoW had on popular culture and the face of video games.

It seems however, that the World of Warcraft fan base has been declining in the past few years. Back in spring, WoW dropped a whopping 1.3 million subs and it seems that the trend has continued. Today, World of Warcraft has 7.6 million subscribers, yeilding a loss of another 1.3 million subscriptions over summer!

Could this be the beginning end of World as Warcraft as we know it? With Blizcon right around the corner, many are expecting a brand new expansion to come out and revive the game’s slowly decreasing subscription base, but will this be enough to save the MMO from extinction? Even if it isn’t, it’ll take a long, long time before Blizzard’s subscription meter reaches 0.