Xbox Live Down, Microsoft Working On Fix – UPDATE


UPDATE #2: As of 9PM EST, the service has been fixed. Those who are still experiencing difficulties logging on should cold reboot their system by shutting down the console, unplugging it for 10 seconds, plugging the console back in and turn it on. All problems should be fixed after that according to Microsoft. Happy gaming!

UPDATE: The Titanfall and Forza 5: Motorsport matchmaking issues have been resolved. There seems to still be some issues with logging in to Xbox Live on the Xbox One right now, though. We’ll update when Xbox Live is more accessible. Sit tight, everyone – we’ll make sure to let you know when you can log in successfully.

Twitter users VG_Dave and GuitarShredUK have stated that Xbox Live is currently down due to Titanfall. Users have reported getting error code “0x8004804E” and there have been issues with matchmaking in Titanfall  and Forza 5: Motorsport,  as well as issues just trying to log in to Xbox Live. These issues seem to be isolated to the Xbox One.



They are currently working on the issues according to Xbox Live Status. Those of you who are running into these issues should keep in mind that there were previous issues with Titanfall  servers and a patch has been released to fix these issues. It is unclear if the servers went down due to the influx in users due to the release of Titanfall  or if it might be for other reasons. Considering the heat that the game has generated, it’s a viable explanation.

We’ll update this story as they release information because they stated that there will be an update within 30 minutes of the report on the status page.