Xbox One and PS4 Almost the Same


Recently at QuakeCon, id Software co-founder, John Carmack, gave his thoughts on the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4. According to Gamasutra, instead of comparing the two next-generation consoles and looking at the many differences they have, he said they are “essentially the same”. 

In terms of hardware capabilities, Carmack said: “It’s almost amazing how close they are in capabilities, how common they are”. Carmack wasn’t trying to put both consoles down, later saying that “I haven’t done really rigorous benchmarking but they’re very close and they’re both very good”.

He zeroed in on the Xbox One’s Kinect, stating the motion sensor was “sort of like a zero-button mouse with a lot of latency”. Obviously, Carmack isn’t a fan of Kinect. He continued to voice his strong opinion about Kinect saying that “Kinect still has some fundamental limitations with the latency and framerate”.