Xbox One Cloud Updates Force Console Reboot, Gaming Or Not



A report on iGame Responsibly brings us some extremely important information regarding the Xbox One’s cloud. There will be “rather frequent” updates to cloud which will forcibly reboot the console regardless if the console is off or on and in the middle of a game or movie according to John Bruno, Xbox Live Lead Program Manager.

Once in a while, rather frequently actually, the host OS will require an update, meaning the physical machine is going to get rebooted, whether your code is running or not. That’s a problematic thing for a game, and is oftentimes is in the middle of a multiplayer session, we’ve worked very hard to overcome that, but that’s not to say it’s going to be a reality in every case.

There is a glimmer of hope in saying that it won’t happen to absolutely everyone but the fact that there is even a slight possibility of it happening makes it a tough pill to swallow. Hopefully it is something that can be fixed before launch, but for now, keep this in the back of your mind while you await the launch of the Xbox One console.