Xbox One Green Screen Of Death


It seems the PS4 isn’t the only console plagued with an “Of Death” error. Xbox One users have been stating that their console is stuck on the green boot up screen which they have fittingly called the “Green Screen Of Death.” The original poster, only known by the username SKID 212, stated that his/her Xbox One has been stuck on the green boot up screen for an extremely lengthy 5 hours.


Other posters in the thread have stated that they have had the same issue, and a small few have fixed the issue by unplugging their console and letting the power brick completely shut down, or by tinkering with the HDMI cord. The Xbox One launched today, many players picking up their consoles at midnight. Eager to get home and try out their new console, only to come home and have it malfunction. No word yet on a fix but we’ll keep you updated on this issue.

(Source: Xbox Support Forums)