Xbox One Production May Be Halted As Inventory Piles Up


Thanks to market over saturation, Microsoft may stop the production of Xbox Ones. Microsoft’s CFO Amy Hood hinted that the Xbox One might be hitting its over saturation mark sooner than expected. Microsoft shipped 1.2 million Xbox Ones during January 1st to March 31st – the third fiscal year – and because no one has been buying them, Microsoft may stop producing the consoles.

Hood said that “Microsoft expects to work through some inventory in Q4 [April 1st – June 30th],” inkling at “channel inventory drawdown for Xbox consoles.” What does this mean? It means that there’s a possibility that Xbox Ones will slow production or stop completely until people start buying the consoles.

There is a chance that Microsoft could make a comeback at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, but the company has not been forthcoming about sales data concerning the console. And while Microsoft claims that the Xbox One is a success, that success is being overshadowed by the PlayStation 4. Do you think Microsoft will halt production anytime soon?