Xbox One OS Issues Update: Snap Is The Problem


An update has arisen out of the rumor that the Xbox One OS and Live are plagued with issues. We’ll continue to consider this a rumor until some more concrete evidence shows up.

Twitter user Thuway (which NeoGAF users deem and extremely reliable source) has stated that the issues plaguing Xbox One are due to the snap feature being used mid-game.


In another set of tweets (which I won’t embed due to expletives), he states the following:

1. PSN is much further ahead than Xbox Live. XB1 Online is clusterf–k city.

2. Snap feature is causing stupid amounts of crashes.

3. And this is from a dev: “No matter what they do with tools, ES RAM will always be a bottleneck. No chance in hell for parity with PS4.”

Considering Xbox Live was the “go-to service” for online gaming of the current generation of consoles, it’s shocking to see that the services on Xbox One aren’t up to par with its predecessor. Considering the launch of the Xbox One is approximately 3 and a half weeks away, do you think these issues will be fixed on time? If devs are frustrated with the broken features, imagine the outrage coming from the gaming community if the console launches with these issues. Right now, we’re just on a wait and see basis but it is definitely troublesome that issues like these are not dealt with yet this close to launch.

(Sources: NeoGAF, Thuway’s Twitter)