Xbox One Overscans On Older TVs


The Xbox One has a temporary problem with the picture output. Much like the Wii U in its infancy, the picture gets cut off on some TVs and there isn’t a fitting option to fix it right now. NeoGAF user, quaere, has reported that his/her dashboard has UI elements and text cut off, as well as Killer Instinct and Kinect Sports lacking a full picture. The TV set in question is a 2007 Vizio HDTV.

One other member suggested they look for a “Just Scan” option (available on some Samsung TVs) or find a way to map the screen to a 1:1 pixel so the picture will fit. For those with older HDTVs who don’t seem to have this feature, hopefully this will be fixed very soon and you can play your games in all their glory.

(Source: NeoGAF)